About S.T.E.M.

Education and Fun, All Rolled Into One!

Polk County District APPROVED!   Grant opportunities for Title 1 schools for FREE trips!

Improved STEM lessons correlate with the NEXT GENERATION SCIENCE STANDARDS!   The curriculum is provided through the Roller Skating Association International and being taught in skating facilities throughout the United States.

A unique educational experience that gets students EXCITED about learning! Students will learn how the concepts of SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY, ENGINEERING & MATH can be found in everyday experiences, even FUN experiences like ROLLER SKATING.

Our Hope is to influence student’s decisions earlier in life and inspire them to choose jobs relating to STEM.  The United Sates is at such a disadvantage in this area.  The U.S. cannot produce enough engineers to fulfill the job availability in the US.  Our program is full of excitement and sparks the students interest about STEM!


About Our Lessons

Our professional STEM Educators teach visiting  students about how STEM principles exist in just about every part of life. The lessons focus on hands on activities that are both educational and fun! Lessons are customized based on teachers needs to DIRECTLY RELATE back to classroom learning making this program completely unique! Following the completion of the 1hour STEM Lesson, the students roller skate for physical fitness. While Roller Skating the concepts students learned are continually reinforced.  Our lessons are designed not only to help students overcome their fear of learning STEM concepts but to show how STEM is both FUN & EXCITING!

Lessons List

Educator: Elizabeth Fabrizi

S.T.E.M. Testimonials

The format was perfect. The stem lesson time was spot in then a short break. My students loved the interactive DJ. All supplies and information was given in a timely manner. Elizabeth was very helpful and was readily available when needed. I highly recommend this virtual field trip to any and all educators.

I use the rink as a giant laboratory and I want to utilize everything in it from the skate floor to our audio-visual equipment, to our lighting to make it an interactive learning environment

What a wonderful Skate World Experience! My International Baccalaureate students completed their required “Group 4” IB projects at Skate World! These are high rigor projects designed to bring out the creative thought processes of our IB Seniors. You can definitely say your STEM opportunities are for all levels of learners. Let’s do this again next year!

Our 2nd Graders had a BLAST on the STEM Skate World field trip! We learned some history, experimented with force and motion and even got to take a skate apart! Be sure to ask if your school is eligible to receive a grant for a free field trip!

Our kids had a great time at Skate World. The staff was friendly and took extra time to teach our students how to skate and about skating. The STEM activities were hands on and the children enjoyed taking apart a skate and examining the various textures in a skating rink. What a fun and educational experience!

Amazing time today! My kids had so much fun learning about the history of skates and how to be engineers. Getting to use tools to assemble the skates was a major bonus, and of course rolling through the rink was a blast! Thanks so much for a great day!

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